Become a disability support worker volunteer


Volunteer placements offered by The Support People are for Disability Support Workers (Volunteer) located in Ballarat and Bendigo.

People wishing to become a volunteer need to be training to become a DSW through a recognised qualification, or have recently completed such a qualification, and meet other requirements as stipulated in the Position Description.

Volunteers are required to complete all pre-employment screening checks including a Police check and Disability Worker Exclusion List (DWEL) check.

Volunteers are required to complete the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission’s Worker Orientation Module ‘Quality, Safety & You’ and provide a copy of the Certificate of Completion, prior to commencement of work with The Support People.

We have the right to offer or withhold an offer of a volunteer placement to any applicant based upon the availability of a suitable volunteer role for that applicant at that time.

The offer of a volunteer role at The Support People is in no way a commitment to an offer of a future paid role.

Working Together

As part of our community of volunteers, you are vital to the success of our disability support work.  Our volunteers contribute valuable time and skills to deliver services and supports to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.