About The Support People Ballarat and Bendigo

Why The Support People Exists.

Glenn and Nadia Smyth, founders of The Support People, had been working for over a decade within a family business, Kallara Care, which provides supported residential care for people with mental illness and psychosocial disability.

They observed that not enough care was being taken by support workers (often freelance or coming from agencies) to help these vulnerable residents.

The process of facilitating care for people with very challenging needs was often very transactional and lacking in empathy, which caused them even more unnecessary stress.

They identified the missing element in the existing model – giving people with a disability choice and control on how they live their life. This moment of clarity spurred them in action to create a business based on a better model of quality care for adults with a mental illness or intellectual disability.  Originally established in 2018 as Next Step Disability Services, the organisation focussed on providing community access, life skills development and personal care.

More recently, The Support People has expanded to provide NDIS support coordination and ‘round the clock’ support for persons choosing to live in their own homes.  We are enthusiastic about the future possibilities for people to live as independently as possible in a supported independent living arrangement, and to position ourselves to meet this demand; and believe our wealth of prior experience in supported residential service accommodation has us well placed to make this a reality.

Our Values

  • Dignity & Respect

    This means our staff:
    • Treat people with respect regardless of their individual differences.
    • Communicate using language people are most likely to understand.
    • Respect our participants rights to make decisions about how they want to be supported.
    • Protect our participant’s confidential personal information.

  • Learning & Reflection

    This means our staff:
    • Reflect on the work they do and the impact they have on the participants we support.
    • Are honest and transparent, and not afraid to say when they have made a mistake.
    • Are willing to learn from others and to share knowledge and best practice.
    • Know their own limits and when to seek advice.

  • Working Together

    This means our staff:
    • Commit to working with and supporting others as part of a team.
    • Build relationships of trust with participants, colleagues, and other stakeholders.

  • Commitment to Quality Support

    This means our staff:
    • Are committed and passionate about providing support to those who need it.
    • Deliver person-centred support, putting participants at the heart of everything they do.
    • Have clear boundaries with participants and follow standard procedures in their work.
    • Have courage to speak up when concerned about quality or safety of supports being provided.