The Great Race – Bendigo 2022

On Friday 9th of September The Support people supported participants at The Great Race, greyhound racing in Bendigo. The Bendigo Grey Hound Racing Association invited us to join in an afternoon of racing, putting on a fantastic event that involved a beautiful meal, drinks and a competition to win money for our company. The Support People were lucky to come 3rd on the day and was presented with a $600 check.

We have been invited to go to the final on the 19th of October at the Meadows. Please see attached photos of our day out!
(Please note all participants agreed to have their photos taken on the day)

Great Race 11

Great Race 10

Great Race 9

Great Race 8

Great Race 7

Great Race 6

Great Race 5

Great Race 3

Great Race 2

Great Race 1