NDIS Provider in Bendigo helping NDIS participants make informed decisions for themselves

Rosemarie Hosking has recently taken on the role of NDIS Support Coordinator with The Support People in Bendigo.

Originally from Ireland, Rosemarie started her career as a Residential support worker with St Vincent De Plan. St Vincent De Paul is a large charitable organisation throughout Ireland. Rosemarie’s role was very similar to a Disability Support worker providing in-home support to people with severe intellectual disabilities and mental health.

Rosemarie first came to Australia as a backpacker.  During that time, she realised the amount of vulnerable homeless people living on the streets of St Kilda and around Melbourne. Out of interest Rosemarie approached the St Kilda Crisis Centre to enquire about the services that they provide. Two weeks later she was employed as an Intake and Assessment officer. Rosemarie describes her time at the St Kilda Crisis Centre as one of her most challenging and rewarding times. At the young age of twenty-four, this was where she developed a passion for working with people with mental health. The St Kilda Crisis Centre offered support to people banned from other organisations, who had nowhere else to go. Her time here taught her resilience and compassion and the realisation that anyone’s life can change for the worse or the better in the blink of an eye.

Rosemarie later moved to Haven Home Safe. During her time at Haven Home Safe, Rosemarie worked with vulnerable individuals from all walks of life with complex mental health issues or needs. Rosemarie demonstrated the ability to build connections with participants and external networks from support organisation to real-estate agents with the goal of support people to find supported housing.

Rosemarie made the decision to join our team in 2019. Rosemarie loves to work closely with NDIS participants and help them to identify their needs to make informed decision for themselves.

Rosemarie has a very warm and friendly personality, and this enables her to build a rapport with a diverse range of people.  Outside of work Rosemarie is a marriage Celebrant and is known for singing a song or two as the bride walks down the aisle. “Ever since I was in school I have sang. When I was 18 I tried out for the X Factor in the UK.” In 2018 she was a judge on Channel 7’s ‘All Together Now’!

Rosemarie 2

Rosemarie 3