Support co-ordinators are here to help

During the past few months, our team of support coordinators has grown to meet your needs for assistance with understanding your NDIS plan; and to help you access services required to meet your goals.  Rohan, Sharon and Jennifer have all joined us from the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) and bring with them a wealth of industry and support coordination experience.

Up until now Rohan has spent his entire career working within the DHHS.  He understands complex case management and has a good working knowledge of how to help people who are linked with other agencies such as the Department of Justice and the Corrections Department.

Sharon’s experience in disability spans many years and includes management of community residential services for people with disability.

If you are a Ballarat resident, you may recognise Jennifer as the former owner of Hog’s Breath café here in town.  Prior to running the café, and before joining the DHHS, Jenny spent many years working with the NSW State Disability Services.

Being involved as a support coordinator with The Support People is a very rewarding role for Rohan, Sharon and Jennifer.

“We love this job as we take great enjoyment from the people around us experiencing growth and development and achieving personal outcomes, for participants, families and colleagues alike. To help facilitate this for others, provides a sense of satisfaction and furthers our appreciation that individual growth strengthens our communities. We are encouraged by the fact that NDIS provides an opportunity to be innovative and flexible in our approach to meeting people’s needs and ensures that all voices have an avenue though which to be heard. NDIS isn’t perfect but every step forward is a step in the right direction as we are all learning in this dynamic environment. We take great delight in being part of the progress towards getting things right for people with disability, families, carers and workers in this evolving field”.